25 - 39 Arthur Street
Belfast, BT1 4GQ
028 9043 9160

Café Vaudeville on 25 Arthur Street represents a spectacular transformation from its original historical function.

Cafe Vaudeville is located in Belfast's  Arthur Street it's most recent alter ego was as a Bank but prior to this  back in 1825 it was the headquarters of  Dunville & Co. Originally engaged in a variety of merchant trading operations, Dunville abandoned his tea businees to make room for the growing demands for whiskey.

In time Dunville & Co became the region's premier whiskey distillery exporting throughout the world.

So from a former whiskey house through banking Cafe Vaudeville has transformed  once again to a Luxe Bar. Once you step through our doors it's possible to lose all sense of time, enter a world thats totally Vaudeville.

The building is an homage to the ‘Art Nouveau’ movement—the ‘New Style’ that peaked in popularity at the beginning of the 20th century. Café Vaudeville’s interior, embraces a tapestry of authentic design influences woven beautifully with a contemporary thread. The Art Nouveau influence is brought to life through dynamic undulating patterns that flow throughout the interior.

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